K I L L K I W I A N A - P R I N T S


The Kill Kiwiana exhibition and limited PRINTS looks at the over saturation of kiwiana throughout Aotearoa, and across the world.

Prints are colour - printed on A4 - A3 250 gsm paper - Although we can do canvas at any size rolled and sent from our australian studio if interested please email me on thehori1@hotmail.com #CHUR


Although we as a nation are proud of all things kiwiana as it is a part of our rich history and heritage, one must ask if the mass production of this iconic imagery has in some way watered down and weakened our culture.

When a German backpacker can get a Tamoko tattooed in Thailand by an English tattoo artist or when you can buy a 99cent plastic tiki, made in China to give to a loved one, has a cultural line been crossed for that little piece of pavlova?

Have we replicated and bastardized these images too far and in some way – “KILLED KIWIANA”? Or is this the only way forward for this type of art to evolve and also to create possible new icons?

These are some of the questions I hope to pose through these different pieces. What do you think? Your opinions need to be shared and discussed and of course respected.