The HOLY HEKA piece is the second release of three “Waiirua” limited edition prints which are Numbered 1 / 50 and signed by both William Waiirua and Hori.

A koha/donation from these prints is going towards our charity 
So again Kiaora mo to tautoko and for being a part of this art mahi.

The theme for the Waiirua edition is to continue on Williams personal obsession to lift your Waiirua (spirit) and boost 

In these works, hori looks to decipher the enigma that is Willy Waiirua, Using “eye” conic Aotearoa imagery, symbols, sayings, people and places. 
Willy makes sure the Waiirua is “hhallways” present and that there is plenty of “zest” thrown in the mix for good measure

Holy Heka - (verb / (noun) / not sure ) - can be used in times of surprise astonishment or even bill-will derment (see what I did there) Heka was of course a very prominent holy man and Maori prophet born in 1820 and said to have signed “holy heka” on the treaty of Waitangi 1840. –
honest ( maybe )

The iconic DEKA …sorry… HEKA sign stands as a reminder “that a little (still) goes a long way”

“holy heka” is an also an Iconic saying which with the help of Bill and Uncle Rick or UR has some type of revitalisation or even rebirth in the last year among the people of New Zealand.

This piece looks to bring 2 iconic pieces of New Zealand Iconography together to create a bit of nostalgic and therapeutic relief for you and your whare.

Nga mihi

Bill and Hori